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I own a family business that invests in and manages our own portfolio of mobile home parks.

Indicators Are Indicating: Trump Dump!

Interesting article and there’s a ton of data in here to ponder as you prognosticate about the future of the economy and the stock market.  A “Trump Dump” recession is inevitable and the slump in demand for debt from construction to credit … Continue reading

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How to get ready for the economic recession coming in 2017?

I’m not sure about 2017 but a recession will occur, that’s a certainty, and looking at the historical data it will be sooner than later!  The current economic expansion is the fourth-longest on record. This record stretches all the way … Continue reading

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High Tech To Blame for Loss of Middle Class Jobs?

This is an excellent article that explains why technology companies are one of the primary reasons for the dwindling middle class in America.  This is a phenomena, not a conspiracy but perhaps it’s time for some adjustments to the law … Continue reading

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The Stock Market Is Crazy, and Crazy Means Opportunity

Another story about big institutional investors (smart money) flowing out of equities while the gullible retail investor keeps “pouring it in” through retirement accounts.  YOU CAN AND MUST  time the market at a macro level to make any real money … Continue reading

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Investors Stockpiling Cash Like It’s 1999

How many times have you asked yourself one or more of these questions? Why didn’t I see the crash coming and sell my stocks? Why didn’t my financial advisor increase our cash position when the market was at its all … Continue reading

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Wealth Bubble In ‘Scary Graph’ Flashes Warning About Future U.S. Downturn

Does the graph bellow set off any alarm bells in your head?   You should hear a little ringing, especially if you are heavily invested in stocks or up to your eyeballs in real estate debt!    Check out the link below … Continue reading

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The Federal Reserve is rethinking everything

Here’s an excerpt and link to an excellent article about Fed policy and long term interest rates… “Since then, however, the Fed has been stuck. Instead of raising projections for economic growth, officials have lowered them. And instead of hiking rates … Continue reading

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BlackRock CEO Says We Have a Problem!

When the CEO, Chairman and Founder of the largest asset management company in the world says “Houston, we have a problem!” everyone should cup their ear and listen.  BlackRock, Inc. is an American multinational investment management corporation based in New … Continue reading

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Looking to Purchase a MHP in 2015?

Are you looking for a MHP to purchase in 2015?  We are planning to sell at least one mobile home park next year and use the proceeds to complete an exchange into a new park.  Here’s what we look for … Continue reading

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MHP Due Diligence Checklist

Due diligence done right can be the difference between a great investment and a loser that sucks an investor’s time, cash and enthusiasm.   The checklist below provides a new Mobile Home Park investor a comprehensive starting point or an experienced … Continue reading

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