I manage Iron Oak Properties which is a family business investing and managing a portfolio of small mobile home parks. We are in the affordable housing business and currently own 6 properties with about 300 tenants.

I started my career working as a software consultant and instructor and moved into sales, selling more than $100M in software to information technology managers and business owners in medium to large sized companies in all corners of the US and Latin America.

We purchased our first rental property in 1992 and completed 15 more transactions for our personal portfolio, buying and selling single family homes and condos and exchanging into multi-family residential properties, Mobile Home Parks.

I am a licensed real estate broker in the State of California (#01908468.)

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  1. Michael says:

    Hi John, I love what you are saying about the importance of educating yourself before you invest. I am wondering if you could recommend any good books or resources? Thank you very much for your time and guidance.

    • johnvashon says:

      Thanks for much for your comments and support. The first book that comes to mind is the original Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book is more about strategy (the what) vs. tactics (the how) but it’s foundational to everything I believe about the benefits of investing in real estate. Have you read the book?

  2. Great blog John. I guess part of what you’re saying is that the education doesn’t necessarily replace professionals. Particularly early on, books are extremely valuable, but interviewing professionals like you with deep expertise in their field to find those you can trust and count on is essential to fill in the gaps. Thank you for the articles.

    • johnvashon says:

      You are correct, education is fundamental and engaging professionals is an essential step to achieving consistent and long term success. Trust folks who demonstrate a commitment to your success, have the competence to do what you need them to do and the capacity to perform. Thanks for your thanks!

  3. Priscilla Small says:

    I recently came across your blog while looking for advice. Thanks you for your clear article about income properties. I am recently widowed. My husband was a retired property manager. He continued to manage our own properties. Since his passing I have turned over the management of the properties to a trusted manager. I own free and clear a module home, a six unit apartment building, two office buildings, and some undeveloped lots. The rental income from these properties is sufficient for me to live very comfortably. I’d like to leave these properties to my three children. How do I do this in a equitable way?

    • John Vashon says:

      Thanks and good question. This is not my area of expertise but I’ll offer the following thoughts. You want to control the properties and income for the remainder of your life. You want to minimize taxes for your heirs when they inherit your estate. Finally, determining equitability might be harder than you can imagine! Net/net, find a good trust and estate planning professional and ask for their help. Pick a good one and pay a fair price for their advice and services. Good luck!

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