John Vashon Writing for BiggerPockets!

I am pleased to announce I’ve been asked by BiggerPockets to write a bi-weekly article for their Online Real Estate Magazine!

BiggerPockets has 100K subscribers, 500K unique visitors a month and these numbers have been increasing 100% per year.  BiggerPockets is a great resource for real estate investors!  Please visit their website at

It’s my plan to become the “go to guy” on BiggerPockets for all things related to mobile home parks.  In addition to the articles, I’ll participate in all forums relating to MHP investing, MHP property management, etc…

You can see all my BiggerPockets articles by visiting John’s Additional Articles on BiggerPockets located to the right on this page (full site.)  

If you have a comment or question, please reply below.  If this post could be of value to someone you know, please LIKE and email or repost to Facebook, LinkedIn or your favorite network.  I will not share your personal information wiith anyone for any purpose.

About John Vashon

I own a family business that invests in and manages our own portfolio of mobile home parks.
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