Finding My Voice

I have something to say and hope it makes a difference in someone’s life.  I want to share what I’ve learned about investing in incoming producing property (IncP) and specifically, mobile home parks.  Since I purchased the first mobile home park in 2004, I’ve achieved a level independence and financial freedom I never thought possible.

I’m not a financial planner and will not provide advice about planning for retirement.  However, living the lifestyle you desire in retirement depends on replacing current income.  The sooner you create income from other sources (than employment) the faster you’ll be able to retire!  You might not create enough income to retire in a just few years but adding real estate to your portfolio will help avoid the possibility of out-living or eating your retirement “nest egg.”

Over the coming months I’ll share my thoughts about why you should invest in real estate, mobile home parks and perhaps, participate in one of our partnerships.   The blog content will come from personal experience and the thought leaders I follow in the real estate investing, financial planning and mobile home park industries.   My goal is to summarize, simplify and answer lots of questions so you can evaluate your situation and perhaps, choose a different path forward.

Why am I doing all this and what’s my motivation?  We want to purchase additional properties in 2013 and for the first time, do so with partners.  We’ll make money providing property management and partnership services in addition to the underlying real estate (we will own a 25-50% share in each property we purchase.)  Equally if not more important, I want to create some new friendships and build a legacy that will last beyond my own lifetime.

Please be patient as find my voice, learn more about writing a blog and how to effectively manage all the social media elements.  If you have a comment or question, please reply below.  If this post could be of value to someone you know, please LIKE and email or repost to Facebook, LinkedIn or your favorite network.  I will not share your personal information with anyone for any purpose.

About John Vashon

I own a family business that invests in and manages our own portfolio of mobile home parks.
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3 Responses to Finding My Voice

  1. Thomas Birdsall says:

    John, please drop me an mail so we can connect and talk further about your ideas. Thomas EO533

  2. Tim Murray says:

    Sounds great JV. I’ll be listening while you find your voice.


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